My name is Carole Westerman, and I’m so delighted that the Universe brought us together. We must have lessons to learn from one another.

I’ve been practicing Yoga since 1995, and teaching since 2005. I’ve practiced in a slender body, a curvy body, and every size in between. I’ve practiced through the highs and lows of my life including; marriage, career changes, pregnancies, parenthood, dreams come true, broken hearts, injuries, post-surgery, personal growth, family crisis, and love.

I’ve taught thousands of students from all over the world, and seen thousands of different bodies and body types on the mat. No two of us are alike.

Whatever brings you to Yoga, I’ve likely either been there too, or perhaps known someone else who has.

My life experiences and extensive education inform and influence what I teach and how.

Yoga is my life. It nourishes and feeds me and my love for learning, travel, cooking, nature, the ocean, my daughters, and my husband.

I invite you to be curious, to explore every nuance of being human, and to accept yourself as you are. That is the true Yoga, both on and off the mat.

My most influential teachers: Shiva Rea, Paul Grilley, Bernie Clark, Tom Myers, and Maria Garre. Additionally, I have gathered thousands of hours of training with many of the world’s Master Teachers in Yoga and Meditation.

My education and training: I am registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level they currently offer, ERYT-500. I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology, and I have been certified in; Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Reflexology, and Master Reiki. I am currently working on my EFT certification.

Some of Carole’s students share three words they think best describe her:

  • “Insightful, supportive, and adaptive.” ~ Lynn T.

  • “Authentic, cultivated, divine.” ~ Laura M.

  • “Compassionate, knowledgeable, unique.” ~ Anita W.

  • “Empathetic, kind, patient.” ~ Angie F.

  • “Kind, sensitive, and understanding.” ~ Karen P.

  • “Subject matter expert.” ~ Kasey H.

  • “Soulful, divine, feminine, and life-long student.” Kate C.

  • “Real, genuine, and amazing.” ~ Gina B.

  • “Motivating, kind, inspiring.” ~ Cindy J.

  • “Honest, empowering, intentional.” ~ Julia G.

  • “Erudite, dedicated, mindful.” ~ Megan H.

  • “Groovy, real, badass.” ~ Mary C.

  • “Patient, caring, generous.” ~ Brad E.

  • “Inspiring, knowledgeable, beautiful.” ~ Kristin E.

  • “Warm, welcoming, kind.” ~ Jennifer C.

  • “Strength, wisdom, laughter.” ~ Rhonda W.

  • “Passionate, genuine, compassionate.” ~ Gail B.

  • “Kind, nurturing, knowledgeable.” ~ Rita E.

  • “Love, family, and yoga.” ~Midwest Yogi

  • “Genuine, lighthearted, knowledgeable.” ~ Denise

  • “Learning, relatable, real.” ~ Thirty

  • “Authentic, resilient, confident.” ~ Ashley H.

  • “Embodied, wise, powerful.” ~ Jackie P.

  • “Smart, empathetic/caring, brave/bold/risk taker.” ~ Donna W.

  • “You are generous, passionate about both learning and teaching, and boundaries.” ~ Sally M.

  • “Down-to-earth, relator, eclectic style.” ~ Cherie O.

  • “Evolving. As we grow and change so does our yoga. Evolving, adapting, inclusive.” ~ Curtis L.

  • “Fearless, adaptive, discerning, and inquisitive.” ~ Anne. T.

  • “Wise, grounded, and real/authentic.” ~ Bridget L.

  • “Teacher, student, leader.” ~Shara

  • “Healer, intuitive, generous, and a conduit for your students to connect to their own brand of spirituality.” ~ Pam B.

  • “Warm, welcoming, and wise. Kind, compassionate, quirky. Deep, devoted, dreamer. Soulful, sciency, silly. Tender, talented, teacher. Funny, feisty, fair. Brave, beautiful, badass. Humble, honest, and holistic.” ~ Jocelyn