Safe Savasana During Pregnancy

As yoga teachers, how we react when pregnant students walk into our classes can have an impact on the way the students view their pregnancies.   If we react to pregnant students with eyes that grow three sizes, a gasp and grimace we will convey to them that pregnancy is a scary and unsafe “condition”.

However, if we respond with a warm welcome, confident smile, and a short explanation of modifications, we convey to them that pregnancy is natural part of the human experience.  Additionally, our willingness to show them modifications for pregnancy helps insure they will continue to practice yoga consistently.

In order to help yoga teachers become educated, comfortable and confident in leading pregnant students safely through their yoga practice, 90 Monkeys has released a series of articles about pregnancy and yoga, each article with a different emphasis and addressing the most common questions about yoga and pregnancy.

This article focuses on preparing you to guide your pregnant students through a supportive and safe Savasana (corpse pose and/or final relaxation).

Why can’t pregnant women lay on their backs?

During the first trimester of pregnancy, it is safe for women to lay on their backs and enjoy a traditional Savasana. However, during the second and third trimesters, women are recommended to enjoy Savasana on their side.