Befriend Your Body Yoga

Carole’s newest passion project has been a longtime coming… Introducing “Befriend Your Body Yoga”. A merging of Carole’s teaching, education, degrees in Psychology, her own experience, and over a decade working with women through their life cycles including moon cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.

If you have a body, this is the yoga for you!

Classes, workshops, and an upcoming Teacher Training await you.

Practice without labels.

Come as you are, no matter your color, age, or size!

No matter if you're "small" or "large" or somewhere in between.

This class will help you learn to befriend your body and its every curve, wrinkle, dimple, scar, stretch mark, lump, bump, or any other part of you that you feel disconnected from.

This is a non-judgement zone, as we all come together to care for the body that we have been given.